What Does Genesis 3 16 Say? Reason For The Tru316 Foundation!


What does Genesis 3:16 say? Reason for the Tru316 Project! by Bruce C. E. Fleming

Some facts on the ground

Soon  after we arrived in Africa we learned of a young woman who was taking a  long time to deliver her first child. Local women rubbed hot peppers  into her eyes to punish her for “refusing to deliver her baby for her  husband. Besides, she’s supposed to suffer pain in childbirth as our  Bible says,” they stated! This is so sad! In other places men rule over  their wives “because Genesis 3:16 says so.” This is sad too! The true  Genesis 3:16 says neither of these things in the original Hebrew  language!

The problem

Most  Bible versions have opted to translate the opening line of the verse as  if a grammatical pattern called a “hendiadys” were present. This leads  them to say that God virtually cursed the woman with  “pain-in-childbirth.” Translators then carry over this negative idea  into the next line of the verse and then to its end. They say having  children will necessarily be “painful.” They continue with their  negative view of the woman and imply that she had evil “desire” that  merited being “ruled over” by her husband. What a sorry story!

The guide

Dr.  Joy Fleming spent seven years in advanced research uncovering the  original meaning of this verse in the Hebrew language in which it was  written. Her original work received highest honors in France and is  praised by American scholars as well. More? www.Genesis316.com

The solution

Dr. Fleming found that God promised the woman she would experience “sorrowful-toil” (or ‘itsabon,  in Hebrew, the first of the two words in the linchpin) from the impact  of God’s curse on the ground that was made because of the man, recorded  in verse 17. And, God promised her “conception” (or heron, in Hebrew, the second of the two words in the linchpin) of Offspring who would crush the head of her serpent-tempter.

The plan

The  TWO words of the linchpin must be clearly translated in line one of  Genesis 3:16 – not hidden! Not only must translations be corrected to  include them in all Bible versions in English and other languages, but  theological interpretations based on what God said to the woman must be  updated as well.

The outcome

God’s  words to the woman, correctly translated, show the grace and plan of  God regarding the woman. She received the Promise! She was to be the ancestor of the Messiah. Like the man she would experience increased  sorrow working the cursed ground. And as a mortal she would experience  effort in childbirth. Her loving desire for the man had not gone away  but her sinful husband would seek to rule over her.

Is this outcome in harmony with good theology? Yes, and it is good theology.

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