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Remember King James? You can be like King James to this generation in this century!

He sponsored the translation of the King James Version of the Bible that was released in 1611. His team of translators got right what is in the first Line of Genesis 3:16.

They showed that God took action in two ways. One action was linked down to the man in verse 17. One action was linked back up to the serpent-tempter in verse 15. They linked the two actions with the conjunction “and.”

According to the King James Version (KJV) God promised: I will multiply your (1) sorrow and (2) your conception. 

Translations in English for hundreds of years after the KJV got Line 1 right as well.

But in the mid 20th Century translators started getting it wrong with the RSV (Revised Standard Version of 1952). Later versions followed the example of the RSV.

Modern versions are still making it look like in Line1 of Genesis 3:16 God did only one thing. It sounds familiar to us because we’re used to reading it. But it is incorrect. I will multiply your pain-in-childbirth!

Ever since, their mistranslations have been doing damage to readers of the English Bible, especially to women and the way they are mistreated in the home and in the church!

What happened back in the beginning influences Bible passages downstream from Genesis 2-3. We want to help people discover the positive message of the Garden of Eden and build on that!

Here is a new opportunity. It is one that introduces people to the Garden of Eden and what happened there. This is not the sadly twisted tale of a “fall” where people are “cursed” by an unfair god who blames his poorly designed creatures.

The mission of the Tru316 Foundation is to get the word out to Bible readers and Bible translators alike that God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way.

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