The Inflection Point In Biblical Studies!

The Inflection Point in Biblical Studies by Bruce C. E. Fleming

Studies on women and men in ministry and on couples at home have made important progress since Katharine Bushnell’s many articles and then the release of her book God’s Word to Women a hundred years ago. Here is one description of her work: “In her masterpiece, God’s Word to Women, she carefully argues the case that women should learn directly from the words of God, by educating themselves and taking the initiative.”

In the days before online publishing, I first discovered her work when I laid my hands on a privately printed copy. It was treated almost like virtuous contraband in the seminary where I was studying.

Was her work the inflection point in Biblical Studies? In some ways it was. Yet even though people built on her many insights, the discussion about the ministry of women and men got stuck. It began to turn in circles. To use another image, the tide for women in ministry seemed to rise and then fall back again as arguments were made to limit women in the key New Testament passages we all know.

The inflection point! And then, Dr. Joy Fleming looked deeply into the 11 Hebrew words God spoke to the woman in Genesis 3:16. She showed that God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Her 400 page dissertation was popularized in the book Man and Woman in Biblical Unity – Theology from Genesis 2-3. Her research now has been used as the basis for the episodes of The Eden Podcast with Bruce C. E. Fleming. Season One has been turned into The Book of Eden – Genesis 2-3.

What has been the impact? More than 12,000 downloads in just over six months! People are listening in more than 50 countries! Heartfelt testimonials have been pouring in!

The Eden Podcast, Season One, is all about Genesis 2-3. Seasons Two – Four on The Eden Podcast look into how her research frees up new and better ways to look at the key New Testament passages that are related to Genesis 3:16.

– Season Two is on Ephesians 5-6.

– Season Three is on 1 Timothy 2-3.

– Season Four is on 1 Corinthians 11, and 14 and 1 Peter 3.

– Season Five is taking an even deeper dive into these passages.

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