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Here’s the Tru316 Acrostic for Genesis 3:16

Dr. Joy Fleming showed how the 11 Hebrew words of Genesis 3:16 are organized in 4 Lines. The first line is key to our understanding.

In Line 1 God acts and promises two new things to come.

In Lines 2-4 God does not act in any new way. In these Lines God instructs Eve about what has happened and what is to come.

So here is the T R U acrostic to help us remember these 4 lines in just three words.

is for the Two promises God makes: “sorrowful-toil” and “conception” (Line 1)

is for the Reassurances God gives to Eve about “effort” and “children” (Line 2)

U – is for the Understanding God gives to Eve about herself and about Adam

  • – her affectionate “desire” is still for him (Line 3)
  • – but he desires to “rule over” her in God’s place (Line 4)

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