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Correcting the Eden Errors in a Few Words. Genesis 3

Basic mistakes have been made. Does it seem some problems never go away? This happens when earlier root problems are fixed poorly or are overlooked altogether. Here are basic Bible passages with corrections everyone can take into account.

Genesis 3.

– Both humans were attacked by the tempter. The plural pronoun for “you” was used.

– Although only one of them willfully rebelled, both ate.

– Both became mortal and knew evil, unlike their all-good Creator companion.

– Only one, the woman, pointed out to God who their tempter was. She had corrected his first lie. She denounced him before God and confessed what she had done.

– A way to redeem sinners was needed. Leaves did not cover sin.

– God put enmity between the woman and the tempter. God promised a Champion through the Offspring of the woman.

– God told the woman how the upcoming curse on the ground because of the man would affect her with sorrowful-toil in fieldwork.

– And, God told her that the prediction given to the tempter that her conception would crush his head – surely would happen.

– Next, God told her how her now mortal body would give birth – with effort.

– God confirmed that her love for her partner continued – but his desire had changed.

– The man had put himself in the place of God when he followed a will other than God’s. He would sinfully rule over himself and over her.

– The man demonstrated this, when, without any instruction by God to do so, he gave a name to the woman just like he had named the animals that were not like him.

Think Again! GOD DID NOT CURSE THE WOMAN OR THE MAN, OR CHANGE THEM I ANY WAY. God cursed only the serpent and the ground. We should not treat either the woman or the man as if God had cursed them. Neither one was cursed. But each could look to the Champion!

Based on original research of the Hebrew text of Genesis by Dr. Joy Fleming. See the summary of her work in one of these books. Man and Woman in Biblical Unity, by Joy Fleming. Women and Men in the Light of Eden by Bruce C. E. Fleming.

(cc) Bruce C. E. Fleming (July 23, 2019)

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