On Marriage By Dr. Joy Fleming


We are delighted to receive this endorsement from Dr. Alice Mathews for the book Man and Woman in Biblical Unity – Theology from Genesis 2-3 by Joy Fleming.

“Long-held theological treatments of the opening chapters of the Bible have established devastating misunderstandings of God’s words to Adam, to Eve, and to the serpent in Genesis 3. Overturning such  misinterpretations has been essential but slow in coming. Thus we owe a great debt of thanks to Dr. Joy Fleming for her minute examination of every part of the Hebrew text and the resulting careful exegesis we now have in hand.

Every  woman can be grateful that God in no way cursed her even as curses landed on both the serpent and the ground the man would then till. I strongly recommend Dr. Fleming’s work to every reader who has been  puzzled or affected by erroneous interpretations of Genesis 3.”

Alice Mathews, PhD

Dean Emerita,

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Hamilton, MA

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